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Anonymous said: its a general consensus for tumblr fashion blogs to dislike cara delevingne, but why? i don't really care for her but can you give an explanation as to why you and most others don't like her.


I don’t know about the rest of the Tumblr bloggers. It is pretty much divided imo some like her some hate her.

I personally don’t dislike or like her. I don’t like that my midterms start next week. I don’t like that everything is fucking expensive. I have little time to hate on someone I am not personally acquainted with.

My latest posts were in regards to hypocrisy of Givenchy. I am angry that Riccardo Tisci who is on the forefront of fashion uses black models and beauty as an accessory for his brand and the collections. He dresses Ciara, friends with Kanye West talks about diversity in his interviews but he is no better than any designer out there.

“At the end of the day, why are not so many black girls or Latin girls in shows? When you have an American president who is black! When I see this happening, it’s quite sad, I think. People can be so avant-garde, so advanced, but actually not, because people are still making differences between skin color.” He said this in an interview for but he still has a seat for Kendall (she fell in the final walkthrough) and Cara (terrible walk) but not Malaika, Aya Jones, Imaan, Kai Newman, Tami Williams and other beautiful MOC. He only used Joan Smalls as the only black model and two Asian models Fei Fei Sun and Liu Wen. That was the tokenism charity for this collection I guess. You can’t tell me you support diversity on runways when you cast 3 MOC for a show with 57 looks.

I’ve said this million times: these designers, even the ones that seem to give a shit about diversity are using diversity as a ploy for their own brand image. They cast MOC when it is trendy or outdated to garner attention to their own collections. Or when someone in the industry calls out on how their shows are whitewashed (Dior HC F/W 2013). It is a micro-statement for themselves not a progress made towards diversity.

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tips on liking people:

  • dont

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curves on women are great, but curves on final exams are really what get me going

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school supply list:

  • headphones
  • portable charger
  • knife

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Alec is an A+ babe.
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Alec is an A+ babe.

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I want to be with you,
it is as simple,
and as complicated as that.
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